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The Office App guide to proptech and CRE tech

Office App is a proptech and CRE tech company focused on tenant and employee experience. But what is proptech and CRE tech, and how are they helping shape the real estate industry?

The Office App guide to proptech and CRE tech

Office App is a proptech and CRE tech company focused on tenant and employee experience. But what is proptech and CRE tech, and how are they helping shape the real estate industry?

What is proptech?

“Proptech” refers to an emerging trend in real estate that sees technology incorporated into – and, in some cases, merged with – properties such as office buildings. This nature of these technologies covers a fairly wide range, including Internet of Things (IOT)-enabled devices such as sensors that come together to make “smart” buildings.

What is CRE technology?

Commercial real estate technology – or CRE tech – is another term for proptech. It again refers to technologies incorporated into real estate that enables those within them to better make better, more efficient use of workspaces.

How are proptech and CRE tech changing real estate?

Proptech and CRE tech companies exist to enable the real estate industry, as well as individual properties, to improve in terms of efficiency in terms of both cost and environmental, social, and governance (ESG), and employee or tenant experience.

These companies are changing the way people use buildings in much the same way companies like AirBnB and Uber are changing the way people book and use hotels and taxis: by increasing user control.

'Proptech' is an emerging trend in corporate real estate

Climate, temperature, occupancy, lighting – proptech and CRE tech enable those working or living within buildings to control their surroundings. By doing so, they are able to live and work more efficiently – and safely – than ever before. Even better? A tenant experience app can put all of this control in the palm of your hand, as well as offer you hard data that you can use to prepare, monitor, and improve your office building.

Why is a tenant or employee experience app important?

Employees are a key – if not the key – asset to any organization. Happy, safe employees are more engaged, more productive, and stick around longer. The right tenant experience app can help this happen.

A tenant or employee experience app such as Office App is an all-in-one proptech and CRE tech solution. It serves as a building’s central hub of communication. It enables employees to book meeting rooms, order lunch – even shop from local establishments. It also provides real-time information on room occupancy, temperature levels, CO2 levels, and more. Compiling this data, Office App creates client-specific reports and provides them to corporates and landlords.

What’s in it for property owners, landlords, and corporations?

This collected data is extraordinarily valuable.

For one, it shows how engaged employees are with their respective tenant or employee experience app.

It also enables companies and landlords to take a deep-dive into the “how” of their offices: How are spaces being used? How crowded are they? How are temperature and lighting settings affecting employee behavior (or productivity)?

Companies and landlords can take this data and leverage it to their advantage, tweaking and adjusting energy or lighting (for example) to ensure that all areas are being used efficiently, thus saving money on energy costs. They can also use to examine occupancy levels to ensure that all employees are working in a safe environment.

Additionally, landlords can use a tenant experience app as a perk for prospective tenants. The idea of a connected workplace is appetizing – and can increase the valuation of an office location.

What’s next for you?

Now that you’ve learned the basics of proptech and CRE tech – and why they are valuable, it’s time to take the next step. Request a demo today and see how Office App is transforming tenant and employee experience for companies around the world.

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