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Thijs van der Burgt

Thijs van der Burgt

October 02, 2017


The commercial real estate tech scene is growing fast. Here is our top 5!

Healthy is the new wealthly, is one of the new quotes often heard now. Not just because it seems pretty obvious, not just because our health is pivotal in what we can achieve, but also because we now have the tech possibilities to actually quantify what it means.

Until just a few years ago the “Healthy is the new wealthy” statement would be quickly stamped with a stating the bloody obvious glare. True, but now we are actually starting to be able to quantify it in for example absenteeism, productivity, customer satisfaction and even bottom line profit margin! Being healthy is actually making us wealthy.

If healthy is the new wealthy, then data is the new currency. This is highly democratising, and will ultimately render obsolete the already outdated question from investors, developers or agents ‘Why should I bother?
Campaign and Policy Director at the UK Green Building Council."(John Alker)

There is fast growing realisation that having a healthy workforce brings good long-term returns. You can think it is very commercial to consider your workforce, tenants or occupants as means to a better return, but it is mutually beneficial, a good old win-win situation. You look after me and I will look after you!

This way of thinking has been part of corporate organisations for a longer time now and has been accelerated by the ‘war for talent’, as an employer now needs to offer and exceed the ever-changing expectations of their employees on far more than only the salary package. Commercial Real Estate (CRE) companies now also realise this, and understand that if the tenants’ employees are happy, they will stay longer and pay higher rents, and therefore improve long term returns on their assets.

A Gallup study breaks down the benefits ever further, as a highly satisfied and engaged employee has:

- 37% lower absenteeism a $150 billion a year cost
- 21% higher productivity imagine having a full extra day a week
- 10% higher customer satisfaction a 0,8% profit rise in your bottom line


The key is in being able to analyse, report and recommend based on this data. You have to be able to predict the impact on your returns, and I think we’ll be able to help in this. Office App’s mission is to provide professionals with the solutions to create a happy office life. We believe that this is an action to be taken by both employer, employee and asset owner.

Let us know if we can help.
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