Top 3 Beacon Companies

Thijs van der Burgt

Thijs van der Burgt

December 08, 2015


So what are beacons?


Beacons allow Mobile Apps to understand their micro-local position. Based on that location they can deliver hyperlocal contextual content. The underlying technology is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless personal area network technology. It is used for transmitting data over short distances. The technology makes it possible to transmit data with a low energy consumption, while maintaining a communication range similar to that of the basic Bluetooth technology.


Based on this technology a few startups have developed a platform to make the beacon technology more accessible for developers. This is our top 3

#1 Estimote

Estimote, Inc. is building a digital platform that delivers context and micro-location to phones and other smart devices. The platform includes both wireless sensors, called Estimote Beacons that were entirely designed, developed and manufactured by the company, as well as a software layer that allows these beacons to communicate and exchange data with nearby smartphones.

#2’s platform puts the real world in contact with the Internet of Things by connecting devices with proximity awareness to the cloud. goes beyond beacons to do this, and has a full suite of innovative technology, starting with bluetooth low energy beacons and moving on with a variety of other hardware and software technologies, and we make it simple for any business or serious hobbyist to create the bluetooth application or business of their dreams. We aim to be a key part in bringing the Internet of Things together and help our clients learn amazing things through analysing the world around them.

#3 Gimbal

Gimbal, Inc. is a San Diego, CA-based mobile customer engagement and location solutions company. The company develops technology that allows its customers to deliver custom content to their own customers' mobile apps, using beacons, wireless proximity sensing technology powered using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), in addition to geofences.

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