CRE Tech Companies to Watch

Thijs van der Burgt

Thijs van der Burgt

December 08, 2015


The commercial real estate tech scene is growing fast. Here is our top 5!

#1 Fundrise

Fundrise is an online platform that uses technology to create a new model for real estate investment centered around crowdfunding.

Fundrise is the only platform that allows everyone —accredited as well as unaccredited investors—to buy equity shares of ownership in real estate. Investors can browse offerings, invest online, manage investments through a web portfolio, and receive potential returns automatically. By using technology to cut out middlemen, reduce transaction costs, and increase efficiency, Fundrise lowers the cost of capital for developers while simultaneously increasing average returns to investors.

#2 LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace is the new model for startup real estate. You can now complete your office hunt online in minutes rather than months. Gone are the days of complex leases and hassles; simply find a space you love and book it on a month-to-month basis. You can upgrade anytime as your business grows and your needs change. And when you need an additional work or meeting space anywhere, you have access to a world of workspaces that you can book instantly by the hour or the day, across the U.S., Canada and Australia.

If your company already has an office with extra space to share, we can be your new funding source by helping you fill those desks and bring in extra revenue. Our tools make it easy to merchandise and present your space to likeminded startups who are in search of an office. We handle the terms, agreement and credit card transaction to make it quick and easy, so you can stay focused on your business.

#3 42Floors

42Floors was founded in November of 2011 with the vision of making it easy to discover and create your dream office space. Based in San Francisco, California, the 42Floors team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and engineers with a passion for making the commercial real estate process easier for everyone.

On the site, you'll find available spaces, complete with high quality photography and all the data you need to make a decision. The site 100% free to use.

#4 CompStak

We create transparency in commercial real estate by gathering information that his hard to find, difficult to compile or otherwise unavailable.

Our data is used by institutional owners to compare properties, hedge funds to make investments, and provides meaningful data for brokers, investors, appraisers, asset managers, and more.

#5 Floored

Floored is a New York City-based company that creates interactive 3D graphics and technology for the hospitality and commercial, residential, industrial, and retail real estate industries.

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