Office App,
The office engagement app for your building.

Plug and Play customised Office App (live in 1 week)

Office App

The office engagement app for your building.

“It's perfect that we can offer our tenants what they expect from a modern office”

We believe that any office experience can be made more efficient and fun by offering a mobile first office assistant. Office App brings the excitement of modern day shared-working spaces back into the multi-tenant office by rethinking the way people engage with the facilities and community in a building. OA brings a set of disruptive technologies, ranging from a mobile community to integrated local commerce, together in a one stop mobile solution that seamlessly integrates in any office environment.

OA effortlessly integrates with existing solutions already present in offices like catering, fmis, sensors in a building or visitor registration software to make the onboarding process as convenient as possible. OA makes any office more agile, exciting and fun through tailored solutions for both single and multi-tenant setups. Employees increasingly demand offices to meet the high standards of innovation they experience in their daily lives, we help you to do so.

“It's perfect that we can offer our tenants what they expect
from a modern office”
Arman Works at WTC Schiphol

Smart Office

  • Book meeting room (Office 365/Outlook, Google Apps, Exchange, FMIS)
  • Maintenance request (FMIS)
  • Ask for Wifi
  • Floor plans
  • Visitor Registration
  • Meeting room sensors
  • Desk sensors
  • Parking spot sensors
  • Send directions to clients

Loyal Community

  • Newsfeed
  • Events
  • Talk to building users (new)
  • Join Sport Groups in Office (new)
  • Game: Who Get’s Coffee

Shops (including payment)

  • Lunch
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Carwash
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Etc.

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